HVCC AVIATION GROUP,  "Integrated Solution Sets" is a unique concept, that incorporates the entire world of UAVs and DRONES, to solve our client's requirements.

HVCC AVIATION GROUP carried a complete line of UAV and DRONES for every requirement and application. we can design you complete UAV  DRONE systems including maintenance contracts, service and buy back programs. 

We have addressed one of the biggest issues in the UAV DRONE world, the expense of ownership. Commerical professional UAVs DRONEs are expensive, costing upward of $20,000. The cost of a commercial licensed Pilots on a full time basis, could cost a company upward of  $60,000 to $75,000 in payroll cost. A company must also take into account maintenance on the UAV DRONE. 

By using our RENTAL PROGRAMS with PILOTS your company can have access to the UAV DRONE they require, without the heavy cost. Your company can rent the UAV DRONE specific to your requirement on a day, week or monthly basis. Rental can be arranged on long-term leasing agreements as well.  You can opt to buy any UAV DRONE from HVCC UAV DRONE Technology Group at any time during the rental or lease agreement period. We also sell any of the UAVs DRONEs in our inventory, worldwide.

Commercial UAVs/Drones are application specific and one UAV DRONE doesn't not fit all. HVCC AVIATION GROUP, is application specific and we carry UAVs and DRONEs as well as the special sensors and cameras that will handle any requirements of our clients.

The requirement very from agriculture crop evaluation, soil sampling, surveying, pipe line inspections, oil leaks detection, wind power turbine inspections, ground penetrating radar for cable, film and movies shoots, real estate evaluation, construction and so many other applications.