As with most of our HVCC programs HVCC AVIATION GROUP is center on SECURITY first. Without that the airline is in jeopardy from the onset.  One lost plane can and in mort case mean the end of a small airline.  

HVCC AVAITION GROUP comes from a long line of involvement in the aviation industry. From security to concept development to marketing to new airline development.

Mr. Butts has been involved in the development of many security programs for the aviation industry. He provided antiterror training for the United Nations under AVSEC (Aviation Security). In this program Mr. Butts oversaw developing and training of over 10 countries on airline and airport crisis control and crucial communication polices and procedures. The programs were run at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Va.

Mr. Butts was part of the anti-terror team with AVSEC around the country regarding hard penetrations of airport and airline facilities. This involved the ability of inserting fake test explosive on airport and aircraft.   

Mr. Butts was the developer of a system for the FFA named Dynatrack to detect bombs being loaded on aircraft with a dual plunger detonator with matching passenger conformation. This was a system of scanners and RF sensor located in multi-points at baggage make up and before the baggage was ever loaded on any aircraft. If the alarm was indicated and set off the bag or bags were located in the belly of the aircraft and unloaded into a bomb deposal unit without the necessary passenger panicky. No passenger was ever allowed to board with out without a matching boarding pass and baggage tag.  This program prompted the now totally in affective TSA.

Mr. Butts is current working though the HVCC Knowledge Center on developing advanced technique to counter the greatest threat to the Airline Industry that will be coming, that of Drones and Swarm Drones directed at Aircraft and Airports. This is the largest threat of terror attack ever in the aviation industry. HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC is the leader in this leader in this field. 

There were last year over 2 million registered UAV and DRONEs sold at Christmas last years and the sales are expected to double this year. Swarm Drone attack will become a real treat. Swarm of inexperience drones can and will be able to attack airports and targeted airlines and bring them down. Our Airlines will be protected. 

HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP carries commercial Drones that can fly over 2000 miles under radar that can carry 20 pounds of C4 explosives or chemical agents that can shout down any airport and airline. We protect our client air ports and airlines from this threat.      


Airspace Security and Defense Platform