The HVCC AVIATION ACADEMY is a unique established to provide total and complete aviation training for pilot training flight crews, ground crews, aircraft technicians, aircraft mechanic and counter agents.
The ability to utilize advanced secured and encrypted technology for training utilized by HVCC Aviation Group-HVCC AVIATION ACADEMY utilizes and developed will allow the training to take place though out the United States for Veterans.  The HVCC AVIATION ACADEMY is open to all US Veterans. There is no cost to any United States combat veterans and/or disabled Veteran for any course.

The HVCC AVIATION ACADEMY provide training on fix wing and rotor aircraft.

HVCC AVIATION ACADEMY provides all training technology, classrooms, class materials, administration, instructors for the Academy.

HVCC AVISTION ACADEMY utilizes former military pilots and maintenance personal as instructors who process the highest Proficiency and Conduct ratings.

HVCC AVIATION ACADEMY works with many Universities and College through out the country to provide degrees from those University and Colleges in Aviation.