Mr. Butts is Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation which is dedicated to the education, careers and health of our countries Veterans.

Mr. Butts is the Founder of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION and THE FAMILY OF COMPANIES. Currently there are 17 Companies and 34 Division under the HONOR VALOR COURAGE
CORPORATION Banner. Mr. Butts is also the founder of the WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL Division which is planning development of major project in the United States, Greater Caribbean, South America, Central America, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Butts is the Founder and Executive Managing Member of LNG Consortium Project, LLC. and Founder of Interactive College Networks and ICN Reunion Networks for Veterans and Military.

Mr. Butts is also the Founder of Now I Understand a seminar, lecture and writing program for combat Veterans and their families. Now I Understand is also does plays and speeches for veterans and veterans’ groups. His play LOST SOULs are a hard-hitting writing and play depicting his personal feeling of losing his SOUL in continues combat in from January 4, 1967 to his last Purple Heart on September 24, 1967. He explains how it feels to have your very SOUL leaving you and why it couldn’t go with him.

Mr. Butts is a highly decorated Marine Corps Viet Nam combat veteran, receiving three Purple Heart Medals while fighting at Con Thien and Gio Linh the two most northern out-post in South Viet Nam. Mr. Butts was also at the Street of No Joy and did twelve combat major operations in nine months before being wounded for the third time and medivac for the final time. Mr. Butts was with Third Marines also awarded the Presidential Unit Citation (PUC) for valor.  Marine Corps PUC is equal to the Navy Cross the second highest nations award for Valor and awarded to a to a combat unit for Valor instead of individual awards. Mr. Butts was awarded the All-American Hero Award in 2013 for his tireless work for our county’s veterans.  

Mr. Butts was a Scout Forward Observer in Viet Nam and part of the now declassified Nuclear Warfare Team in Viet Nam which were never to be in Viet Nam. He did not talk about this for years until it was declassified by CIA and DoD.

Three books have been written about Mr. Butts and his experiences in Viet Nam, at the Moving Wall and working with returning troops. Letters to Mom, Still the Monkey, and Beyond the Wall the Journey Home.

Dennis Butts has more than 50 years of business experience in voice/data communications, finance, sales and marketing, business development, strategic alliance relations and entertainment. He has been instrumental in the development of more than 50 successful business ventures for clients and has been involved in three IPO and numerous PPM offerings.  He has developed his own successful companies in telephony, data, sports and veterans’ affairs.

Mr. Butts is a much-requested speaker on veterans’ issues and delivers his seminar and lecture series, “Now I Understand” around the country and on his web cast at . These are fully interactive seminars and lectures with a question and answer section included. Mr. Butts is currently writing a series of lectures and play focused on the deepest emotions of combat and the combat warrior.

The first of these is titled Lost Soul the Journey to God. It is a conversation Mr. Butts has with his own Soul in Viet Nam and is a very compelling lecture and play. Mr. Butts also offer corporations and companies an in-depth mentoring and awareness program for their employees and management.

Mr. Butts has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows on veterans’ issues including, the Arizona Law Enforcement program, Standards and Training “People in Crisis”, seen by over 17,000 law enforcement personnel, Digital Production Buzz, twice, USVETS TV. Interview at the Wall, and TV Worldwide at the All-America Hero Presidential Inaugural Ball in 2013 where Mr. Butts was an All-American Hero awardee. 

Mr. Butts was also the Keynote Speaker at the Government Video Expo. Mr. Butts arranged for the live broadcast of his presentation to be integrated with the live presentation of the Nefsis Technology from San Diego, CA and simulcast on the Jumbo Tron of one of the vendors to all in the DC Convention Center. This was done on the fly at the Convention Center. It was at tribute to the broadcast team from TV Worldwide, Nefsis and the support of the vendor and DC Convention Center staff. Mr. Butts knew it could be done and it was. This had never been done on a live broadcast. 

Mr. Butts was the developer, host and producer of the “After Action Report” TV program, broadcast weekly to thousands of veterans and troops worldwide on USVET’s TV. After Action Report was produced in the TV Worldwide studios in Chantilly, Va. After Action Report featured many amazing guests including from the Bethesda Center of Excellence, the Director of National Intrepid Center of Excellence, Kathy Hemlick and the Director of TBI programs, Lt. Col Philip Holcombe, PhD. The shows were live, one hour in studio productions and utilized another first from Mr. Butts, the integration of live video collaboration of subject matter experts with as many as ten at any time interfacing with each other with full video and the panel on stage. This was a first for television broadcasting.

Mr. Butts was featured in January on the TV Webcast show titled Concussions and delivered on the new Concussion TV Network and TV Worldwide and US Vets TV. He was on the panel to discuss the effect of concussions in combat and how it relates to our troops.

Mr. Butts is also the Executive Producer of the Syndicated Reality TV Shows WORLDGATE BLUE .

Mr. Butts is the developer of a new airline named WORLDGATE INTERNATIONAL  AIRLINE which will fly .from Dulles International to WORLDGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL Destinations worldwide

Mr. Butts has been divorced since 1990 and lives in Altoona, Pa. He has two grown children, Alison M. Finchim, and with grandchildren and a son Andrew R. Butts, an Afghanistan combat Marine Veteran, and Chief Security Officer for Honor Valor Courage Corporation. Andrew married with one son and one daughter lives in Ashburn, Va.