HVCC AVIATION GROUP and SBI BIOENERGY, INC. have agreed to sign a Agreement in Principle to provide Bio Aviation fuel  to US Airports, Base Operators and Hydrogen Aircraft manufactures as well as providing Aviation Bio-Fuel to base operation for WorldGate Airlines to be based at Atlanta, Ga. which is 100% hydrogen power aircraft and will service  Angola, Ghana, Zambia and South Africa. WorldGate Community International has agreed to provide SBI Bio-Aviation Fuel to their Storage Trans Farms located on thier structured Islands Projects. 


Edmonton International Airport signs biofuels agreement with SBI BioEnergy Inc.

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) and SBI BIOENERGY Inc will work together to advance the development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), biodiesel and hydrogen to lower carbon emissions from on-site activities.

SBI BIOENERGY INC. is an Alberta-based business with strengths in innovations and clean energy production. Its biofuels are developed from waste cooking oils and animal fats. The biofuel is known as a drop-in ready fuel which is chemically indistinguishable from fossil petroleum fuels. Unlike biodiesel, SBI’s renewable fuels do not require blending with petroleum fuels and do not require any modifications to engines or infrastructure.

Additionally, SBI BIOENERGY’s GÖlu H2 technology offers innovative modular hydrogen production stations. These hydrogen units create clean hydrogen on demand from locally produced renewable resource bioethanol making Gölu H2 hydrogen up to 90 per cent less carbon intensive compared to conventional hydrogen from coal and natural gas. These units make hydrogen easily accessible for remote power generation, fuel cell charging in vehicles, industrial hydrogen use, and residential heating. This easily transported technology can support remote communities without access to power grids or natural gas infrastructure.

EIA looks forward to exploring opportunities together with SBI BIOENERGY INC to support the Airport City Sustainability Campus and benefit from a local clean energy innovation.

“There is incredible expertise in energy right here at home in Alberta and we’re glad to be working closely with SBI BIOENERGY to bring its technology to our airport and use it to reduce our emissions and help us meet our goal of becoming carbon neutral under our commitment to The Climate Pledge.”

Myron Keehn, Vice President, Air Service, Business Development, ESG and Government Relations, EIA

“SBI is excited to work with EIA towards meeting its ESG goals. Together, this collaboration will make EIA more sustainable by reducing its reliance on fossil fuels without incurring additional infrastructure costs. “

Dr. Inder Pal Singh., Founding President &CEO.

For more information on EIA’s slate of announcements on hydrogen visit flyeia.com/hydrogen.


SBI-Jet Fuel is a drop-in petroleum Jet e fuel equivalent and is fully compatible with conventional aviation fuels. It can be used independently or mixed in any ratio with conventional petroleum derived aviation fuels. It can be stored and distributed using existing petroleum storage and distribution facilities and network.


Renewable jet fuel is comparable to petroleum derived and synthetic jet fuel, and is a unique and improved blend of iso-alkanes, cyclic alkanes, and aromatics. Its lower straight chain alkane contents (visible as red blobs on the plots in Figure below) enable excellent cold flow and freeze point characteristics. Its freeze point is adjustable to minus 70 degrees Celsius. Renewable jet fuel can be used in pure form or blended. It can be stored and distributed using existing petroleum storage and distribution facilities and network.