​HVCC AVIATIONA GROUP is a division ofHonor Valor Courage Corporation a facilitator of projects and programs, set up to provide one company to represent the independent companies who support our veterans. We support all our veterans from many different backgrounds, but with one common connections, they are veterans. Honor Valor Courage Corporation is involved in three main areas, educations, careers and health services for our veterans. We also serves as a referring center for other companies and individuals who wish to support our Veterans.
Honor Valor Courage Corporation is a Veteran owned company.                                                 

All HVCC companies support  veterans through donations from their net profits to Honor Valor Courage Corporate HVCC AVIATION ACADEMY, to support the ongoing programs of the ACADEMY. Each company , corporation or LLC is independent owned who desire to support our countries veterans and Veterans Sunrise Center & Technology Educational Institute 501 C 3. Honor Valor Courage Corporation also has an affiliate owned company program where their companies and LLCs pledged to support the Veterans Sunrise Center & Technology Educational Institute  through profits, technology  and other valuable services. We thank all our Family of Supporting Companies for the generosity in support of our Veterans.                                                                          

                                                                                                                             WHAT DOES HVCC AVIATION GROUP DO

HVCC AVIATION GROUP is involved in many areas of the aviation industry. From building airlines from scratch to developing airports to providing protection for airline and airports. We also are involved in the design and development of new processes and construction techniques for airports.

The new HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER which is bring developed in Pennsylvania.   Will be developing many new Integrated Solutions Sets for the Airline Industry, in security, maintenance, warehousing applications, in liquid latex barrier insulation processes, drones, anti-drone technology, and much more.     

HVCC AVAITION GROUP bring together a team of companies to work on a project. We have experts for all sectors of the aviation industry that we can call on to develop and entire new airline to solving and individual issues. HVCC AVIATION GROUP bring that team together under HVCC AVIATION GROUP and coordinate that team into one coercive group and manages them all as one team. Our client has one contact point which is HVCC AVIATION GROUP no matter how many companies we bring to the table. All billing and invoices are done by HVCC AVIATION GROUP.